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Engage in Your New Neighborhood with Our Hyper-Local Online Platform


Organize Events

Communicate with others to plan out recreational activities, HOA meetings and more.


Local Deals

Buy and sell items on the open marketplace and find savings from local businesses.


Public Safety

Learn about safety updates, emergency services in the area, road closures and more.

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Why Join Our Community?

Our Community is a venue for neighbors to exchange information, goods, and services, meet new people and share neighborhood updates and reviews.


What We Provide for You

A safe and friendly platform to stay up to date on all the new and exciting things going on in your neighborhood.

Neighbours helping themselves to food at
Yoga Friends

Plan Neighborhood Events

Find people that are committed to building a strong sense of community and enjoy the same activities as you.


Discover Great Local Businesses

Read recommendations and get exclusive deals at the best businesses around you.

Open for Business

Help out A Neighbor

We created the lend a hand map so neighbors who need help can use the map to find nearby volunteers and ask for help such as assisting them with groceries or picking up medications.

Buy/ Sell on The Marketplace

List or purchase equipment, vehicles, clothing, toys, sports gear, furniture, art, electronics and more.

Shake on It
New Home Owners

Find Real Estate Listings Nearby

This feature allows you to filter homes for sale by price, see nearby open houses, and learn more about your home value.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost money to use?

Our Communtiy is free to use for any home owner or resident in Barney Farms.

How do I know its safe for my family to use?

Our strict standards for family-friendly content are embedded within our software, additionally as having the Barney Farms HOA monitor the platform.

Who is allowed to use it?

Only Residents/Homeowners of Barney Farms can use the platform, anybody who attempts to join outside of the neighborhood will be rejected.

Am I going to get many emails?

We value your inbox and only send you emails if it's going to give you true value.

What type of bussinesses use our services?

Any business that cares about the first impression they make to their clients should utilize and can utilize our services. Any business that really wants to pass on the right message, have a clear value proposition and be able to easily educate and encourage the consumer to interact. Ultimately our services are specifically designed with simplicity and high quality, making your business look better than ever imagined.

How long does it take from start to finish?

​Our team of experts can create most sites within 10-14 days. Our inital onboarding process is in-depth and we make sure to ask all the right questions allowing for an attractive turnaround time.

How fast can I expect website visitors?

​There are many different avenues that we utilize to be able to get traffic to your website right from the get-go. Social media, Google Ads, email campaigns, customer lists, and news articles. You will also be provided with many strategies that you can implement yourself with your own client list

What happens if the website needs updating down the road?

We provide different options so each month an SEO expert/content writer can be actively expanding, growing, and climbing the ranks of Google. Our pricing for monthly content updating, maintenance, and SEO growth packages range from $199, $499, $999, and $1500 monthly, based on the requirements of your business.

Step 1


Create an account using your name and email

Step 2

Fill out your profile so people know who is posting

Step 3


Plan and engage with Barney Farms community members

The Neighbor Pledge 

Do not discriminate
No harmful activity
Be a respectful person
Be helpful to others

How You Can Help Grow Barney Farms

Our Community is an empowering digital space where neighbors connect, share and learn from each other. What can you do with it? Ask questions or post a poll, search for local businesses by category, Post alerts about events, submit information to the directory, review events you've attended, and sell stuff or buy stuff.